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Dr. Evan Sorokin specializes in breast enhancement surgery. Because breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures he performs, he continually studies the related trends and innovative techniques to ensure that he remains on the forefront of this cosmetic specialty. Dr. Sorokin offers a variety of options for his breast augmentation patients in New Jersey when it comes to breast implants.

Want to learn more? Request a consultation and let Dr. Sorokin show you why he has earned the trust of so many satisfied breast enlargement patients.

Your Implant Options

With hundreds of breast implant variations available, it is essential to consult with your surgeon about which implant choices will work best given your anatomy and cosmetic goals. Dr. Sorokin takes the time to explain to his breast augmentation patients the different options for breast implants related to:

  • Fill material
  • Size
  • Profile
  • Shape
  • Surface texture
  • Manufacturers

Each of these factors can make a difference in the final outcome of your breast surgery. Dr. Sorokin has the experience necessary to guide you through the choices so that you arrive at the combination that best provides the results you want. Women continue to turn to Dr. Sorokin for a personalized assessment and professional recommendation about the implant that's right for them.

Implant Material: Saline vs. Silicone

The fill material used in the implant you choose is of great importance. Both saline filled and silicone gel implants are available in the United States. Both are FDA approved for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, but silicone implants have some restrictions that make them off limits for certain breast augmentation candidates. For instance, a woman must be age 22 or older to be eligible to receive silicone gel implants under the FDA guidelines.

There are major differences between the 2 implant types, including look, feel, and longevity. Each woman weighing her breast implant options should have a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both implant types – Dr. Sorokin will provide greater detail during the consultation.

Other Breast Implant Decisions

In addition to fill material, there are several other breast implant options. For starters, breast implants are available in various shapes. There are round implants and anatomical or tear drop shaped implants. There are moderate, midrange, and high profile implants. The "profile" of an implant indicates how far it will project from the chest wall once placed. Regardless of fill material, the outer shell of an implant is made of a silicone rubber shell that can be either smooth or textured.

In addition to all of these choices, there are 2 major breast implant manufacturers in the United States, Mentor and Allergan. Dr. Sorokin believes that there are subtle differences between the implants produced by the 2 companies. For women considering breast augmentation, a plastic surgeon must have an extensive knowledge of both companies' implant choices to help each patient find the right "fit."

Making Sense of It All

There is no perfect breast implant. It's important to thoroughly understand your options and receive guidance from an experienced plastic surgeon. The fact is that a 300cc smooth round saline implant will look completely different on a woman who is 5 feet tall with a 32-inch chest compared to a woman who is 6 feet tall with a 36-inch chest. Accurate measurements in the preoperative consultation along with a frank discussion with the patient are essential for the best possible outcome.

An educated patient is a happy patient. Women considering breast enlargement should contact plastic surgeon Dr. Sorokin to request a consultation where all the options can be thoroughly reviewed. You can also set up an appointment by calling Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, at (856) 797-0202.

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