Celina's Breast Lift Story

Celina had given birth to two children by the age of 21 and her pregnancies had left her with sagging breasts. While bras and clothing worked wonders to conceal her drooping breast appearance, Celina wanted her body to feel 21, not 41. "I'm not the kind of person to get them done to flash them. I was getting them for myself, not really for anybody else."

A Mother-Daughter Team

Celina wasn't sure she could afford breast enhancement surgery, but she knew that she was finished having children, so the timing was right. Her mom took charge and began the search for a New Jersey plastic surgeon, using the Internet as her primary research tool. Celina says, "I really trusted my mom's input."

Dr. Sorokin was the first surgeon we went to, and the last.Once Celina's mom found Dr. Sorokin's Web site, her decision was made. She called the Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery office, spoke with a nurse, and gathered all of the information she needed on having a breast lift in New Jersey. Looking back, Celina says, "We chose him entirely because of his Web site. We never saw anyone else; we never talked to anyone else. He was the first surgeon we went to and the last."

Meeting with New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Evan Sorokin

Since Celina's mom had received so much valuable information over the phone, they approached the consultation with Dr. Sorokin well informed. Celina found Dr. Sorokin to be very welcoming and upfront about the procedure. She says, "He didn't sugarcoat anything. He told me the good, the bad and the ugly." She also appreciated his low-key approach. "I didn't feel like I walked in there with him pressuring me to get his business. I felt like he was very concerned with me and why I wanted to get them done."

Celina was initially considering a breast lift only, but when she realized how much smaller her breasts would look after a lift, she decided to get implants as well. Patients often have questions about the difference between breast lift and breast augmentation. Because she was under age 22, she was not eligible for the latest generation of silicone gel implants under FDA guidelines, but Celina felt that saline implants were a good option for her goals.

And did her mom have anything to say to Dr. Sorokin during the New Jersey breast lift consultation? Oh yes. She declared, "You'll see me next!"

That day, Celina sat down with her husband to discuss what she'd learned from her consultation with Dr. Sorokin. She was so ready that she booked her surgery date that very night. "We were pretty set," she recalls.

Wait, Where's the Pain?

Dr. Sorokin performed Celina's breast lift at a New Jersey surgical center in January 2008. "I went in feeling very secure, very safe," she recalls. After Dr. Sorokin marked her up, Celina remembers, "He said he was going to make them look beautiful. Those were very reassuring words heading into surgery." She received the anesthesia and began counting down from 10 as Alisha, Dr. Sorokin's patient liaison, held her hand.

I went into surgery feeling very secure, very safe.Everything went great during surgery. When she woke up, she remembers, "I was not uncomfortable at all." Even when it came to recovery, Celina says she was never truly in any physical pain. She explains, "It just felt like a big bruise." Her husband, mom and friends took turns helping take care of her and her two children, ages 4 and 1, while she tried her best to rest and not exert herself.

Shock, Then Satisfaction

When she returned to New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Sorokin for her follow-up appointment, Celina got a glimpse of her new breasts without the bandages for the first time, and she was pretty surprised. She'd seen photos of women who'd received only breast implants and remembers their small scars. Hers weren't quite so small. "When I first saw my breasts with the bra on, I thought they were perfect. But when the bandages were taken off, it was a bit shocking. Dr. Sorokin explained that they don't look good right now, but they'll get better. He was right."

I was not uncomfortable at all.Two weeks after surgery, Celina's breasts started to settle and lose their "boxy" shape, and as her stitches came out, her scars became smoother and less noticeable. She says, "I'm so satisfied with my scars right now and it's only been 3 months."

No One Can Tell, and That's Great

Post-surgery, Celina wears the same bra size as she did before, a 34C, only now her breasts are fuller and firmer. In clothes, she looks much the same as she did before surgery. But now she doesn't need a push-up bra to keep her breasts in place and she's happy with how she looks in a bathing suit and undressed.

I am unbelievably happy with my new breasts."I'm so young and I had kids very young. I still wanted to be able to look 21 and that was the only thing holding me back. I am unbelievably happy with them; it's amazing how much it has changed me personally."

And what about Celina's mom? True to her word, she followed Celina's lead and scheduled her combined breast augmentation/ breast lift in New Jersey with Dr. Sorokin a few months later.

This procedure may not be suitable for every patient. All patients must be evaluated by a physician as to the appropriateness of performing the procedure. The above testimonial represents the individual's response and reaction to the procedure; however, no medical procedure is risk-free. Associated potential risks and complications should be discussed with the physician rendering this procedure.

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