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It's understandable that most women are eager to see their final results after breast lift or breast enlargement surgery. New Jersey and Philadelphia women need to take care following their procedure to protect their results during the recovery process. Dr. Sorokin will give you tips, advice and instructions to follow carefully to help ensure your plastic surgery procedure is a complete success.

To learn more about recovery following breast surgery, request a consultation with Dr. Evan Sorokin.

When Can I Return to Normal Activity?

Dr. Sorokin advises women who have a breast lift or breast augmentation from Philadelphia and New Jersey to limit their activity during the initial post-operative period. This means no lifting small children, no cleaning of the house, and no driving until cleared by Dr. Sorokin. After the first follow-up visit, which takes place 3 to 4 days after surgery, many activities can be resumed. Exercise can be resumed after 10 days in many cases. Patients will be explicitly instructed in what can be done and when depending on their individual surgery.

Tips for a Speedier Recovery Following Breast Enhancement

You can take steps after surgery to minimize recovery time and protect their results. Breast enlargement and breast lift patients should:

  • Consider sleeping in an upright position in a recliner chair. You must not sleep on your stomach for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid bending, straining, lifting, or exercise to avoid swelling and bleeding.
  • Optimize your nutrition with vitamin supplements and homeopathic arnica montana.
  • Consider taking laxatives, which are encouraged to minimize the constipation anesthesia and pain medication can cause. Dr. Sorokin encourages patients to start stool softeners such as Colace a day or two prior to surgery.

Protecting Your Health with Antibiotics

Dr. Sorokin recommends that his Philadelphia and New Jersey breast augmentation patients take antibiotics to minimize the risk of implant infection following subsequent surgical procedures, including dental work, colonoscopies, laser liposuction, or any other time the skin is incised.

While no scientific study proves that this is necessary, many plastic surgeons believe that bacteria entering the blood stream can land near or on an implant and lead to capsular contracture. Dr. Sorokin recommends his breast augmentation patients take 2 grams of amoxicillin 1 hour before a procedure, if not allergic to penicillin or amoxicillin. If allergic, patients can take 600 milligrams of clindamycin 1 hour prior to a procedure or 1 gram of erythromycin 1 hour prior to the procedure.

Patients should discuss this recommendation with their other physicians prior to their procedures so that appropriate prescriptions can be obtained.

Help is Only a Phone Call Away

Dr. Sorokin sincerely wants patients to call with any questions or concerns. It often takes less than one minute to answer a simple question that otherwise might worry patients for hours or days. Dr. Sorokin realizes that surgery is a scary and in many cases unfamiliar experience.

You can get in touch with Dr. Sorokin online. For prompt service, Dr. Sorokin encourages all of his Philadelphia and New Jersey breast enhancement patients to call (856) 797-0202 with any questions or concerns.

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